• I have never had to deal with a designer, where do I begin?

    We are normal people just doing a job, just like you. Friendly, approachable but committed to giving the best service that we can for our customers.

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  • What does Yellowduck Design do?

    We at Yellowduck Design take away all the hard work of making your publicity, magazines, brochures or catalogues look good. You use us so that you can get on with what you do best, your job. We have many years experience of helping customers achieve their goals.

    This includes:

    • page layout
    • design, liaison and proofing of adverts if there are any
    • photography and illustrations
    • liaison with printers
    • proofing and liaison with you (and your partners, other offices) etc

    We also design leaflets, stationery, logos and display stands. See the other pages on this website for examples.

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  • Why should we use Yellowduck Design rather than someone else?

    Yellowduck Design has been designing magazines since 1987. We therefore have experience of different types and sizes of magazines, types of business that they operate in and of course different customers. All our customers come back so we must be doing something right!

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  • What is the timescale?

    It obviously depends upon what is involved. A small advert might even be the same day, a big 80 page catalogue or magazine will take perhaps a month from start to finish – if a magazine launch then a bit longer. If a timescale is really important we will of course do everything to make it happen for you. Please build into your equation that printing can take time too, usually one week, but sometimes more if complex.

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  • How do we work together, I might work hundreds of miles away from you?
    None of our customers finds this a problem. Work is routinely supplied and proofed by PDF via email. Some of our customers have never met us after years of successfully working together - It works!
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  • What do I need to do to get my job ready for you?
    Most printed items are essentially words and pictures. Our job is to both make it look good and to be easy to understand. A rough idea of the running order of articles and which photos go with which articles is usually all we need.
    If there are adverts, then we need to know which go with which article, where relevant. A rough layout guide is always helpful, but we can help you with this.
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  • What companies do you do work for?
    Current regular customers are local authorities, private companies, city livery companies and private individuals.
    Over the years we have worked for many household names, including Sainsburys, Lloyds TSB, Lloyds Register of Shipping, RAC, DVLA, as well as local authorities including Rochford, Hastings, Rother, Tonbridge, Alnwick, South Cambridgeshire and Brighton & Hove.
    In addition many smaller companies, too many to name, mainly local to our south Sussex location. Whether you have 30,000 employees or are a ‘one man band’ you get our same attention to detail and dedication.
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  • Typography, isn't that supposed to be boring?
    We design magazines that look great and receive good feed-back for you. We do this with an attention to detail, giving each job an individual approach, they don’t all look the same. One of the ways of doing this is by the use of innovative typography, as well as our creating illustrations for you.
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  • Can you arrange a printer for me?
    Yes of course. With printers it is ‘horses for courses’ so it is important to use the right printer for the right job. We regularly use half a dozen different sized printers.
    Some customers already have a printer that they always use, if so we can liaise direct with them if you want, supplying them with the job ready to print.
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  • How much does it cost?
    It obviously depends upon what you want. Small items like advertisements and leaflets are usually charged either hourly or per item. Regular magazines are usually charged per page as the number of pages can vary between issues.
    Usually we quote you different prices, one for the design and one for the printing, so that should you require a reprint you will know the cost.
    We always quote before we proceed, even for the smallest job, so there is never a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.
    Contact us for a free, no obligation quote, fill in the form and we will get back to you usually within two days.
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  • Do I have to pay vat?
    Yes and No, it depends upon what is being produced. Yellowduck Design is vat registered so most items will be chargeable for vat. However magazines, brochures and catalogues do not carry vat as this would be a "tax on reading".
    If we design and print then usually there is no vat, if we just design and pass onto your designated printer (who bills you direct) then there is vat to be added to your invoice.
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  • What are your payment terms?

    Unless anything else is arranged, 50% of the total job (design and print) upon commission and 50% upon delivery.

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  • Do you quote beforehand?
    We quote all jobs large or small before commencement. Yellowduck Design is a straightforward sort of company with no hidden extra charges, no gobble-de-gook, no bull. You’ll always get a proof so there’ll be no unpleasant surprises when the printing comes back. What more can you ask for? Occasionally it becomes necessary to requote as the specification changes, for instance an increase in page numbers, in which case we requote for you.
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