Annual Reviews

Reviews are usually annual but can be seasonal or just after the event – perhaps a resumé of a report or research paper… usually with a date or definite timescale.

  • We make sure that you will always deal with the same person for continuity’s sake – so no need to keep briefing a new person each issue.
  • We take an annual review from arrival of text through all design stages and proofing onto delivery – direct to your printer (if you have one), or we can arrange printing for you at prices you can afford, or as an internet download.
  • Consider additional features such as silver ink and extra-glossy UV varnish to add that extra touch.
  • It is difficult to give you a print price here as number of pages, types of paper, complexity of contents etc will all affect prices quoted. Please ask for a no obligation quotation or phone/email to discuss. Expect a price of about £20-£25 per page for design – plus printing.