Star recording

Musical Opinion, Britain’s oldest classical music magazine, carries a large selection of CD reviews. In an enlarged section a new Star Recording will be features. The new logo above highlights and showcases each edition’s best recording.  

This year’s Pharos colour

Pharos International magazine, the international quarterly from the Cremation Society, has a new colour every year. This year its this rather attractive green.      

A new website for Musical Opinion

Musical Opinion magazine is the world’s oldest dedicated to classical music that is still trading. In continuous production since 1877, never missing an edition despite recession, slump, world war and changing times. Changing times means that its website, first instigated in 2015 has become increasingly outdated and dare we say it antiquated. We have designed […]

Somm records

Somm records is a highly regarded independent CD producer: recording, distributing and publicising classical music to a hugely appreciative market. Typically two releases a month using established and very reputable singers and orchestras for well and less know composers – across many centuries, for mainstream and less, so both breadth and depth. The latest two […]

Hello to Woodlands Bakeaway

A warm welcome to Sally Napier and her company Woodlands Bakeaway. We have designed a new logo for her reflecting a Victorian thoroughness and attention to detail.Uses will include their website, stationery and of course packaging.