Calipso illustration

Calipso held Odysseus captive with her magic for years after the Trojan War. Held by magic and force of music he was entranced and besotted for 8 years. In latin she was called Circe. Details of the illustration below.   Illustration, gouache on board, A2 in size.

Name Board for Beatrice

name illustration

A3 Illustration for a Beatrice, detailsed parts of the illustration are shown below. Beatrice is known as Bee to all her friends and family hence the imagery of bees.

Name Board for Tasha

A3 Illustration for a wonderful person called Natasha, Tasha to all who know and love her.   her.

Helen of Troy illustration

Troy illustration

The most beautiful woman in the world according to Greek myth, the result of the king of the gods Zeus and a brief liaison with Leda (she turned herself into a swan to avoid him – as you do). Her elopement and seeming kidnap caused the Trojan war and its destruction. A2 in size, hand […]

‘Repairing’ photos

Sometimes we receive an image which, for a whole variety of reasons is not as you would like. Perhaps its a bit dark, or too light, the subject has a large spot on the end of  their nose. etc … Occasionally it goes beyond that… the photo is plain not very good but – here […]