Star recording

Musical Opinion, Britain’s oldest classical music magazine, carries a large selection of CD reviews. In an enlarged section a new Star Recording will be features. The new logo above highlights and showcases each edition’s best recording.  

Calipso illustration

Calipso held Odysseus captive with her magic for years after the Trojan War. Held by magic and force of music he was entranced and besotted for 8 years. In latin she was called Circe. Details of the illustration below.   Illustration, gouache on board, A2 in size.

This year’s Pharos colour

Pharos International magazine, the international quarterly from the Cremation Society, has a new colour every year. This year its this rather attractive green.      

Vintners’ Annual Review

The City Livery company, The Vintners, active since 1363, has been a force in the land for over 650 years. We have compiled and printed their latest annual review, which outlines their activities, aims, objectives and daily round of existance. Undersized A4, 80pp, matt paper.  

Adeiu ACU

                        The Association of Commonwealth Universitites (the ACU) has been a voice for the many and varied universites across our Commonwealth since 1921, so just over the hundred years mark. With no warning it has ceased to exist – going from three floors of […]

Cremation Society birthday

The Cremation Society of Great Britain celebrates (if that is the right word for what is always a sad event) 150 years of dedicated service. Its a solid one and a half centuries since its inception in 1874. To celebrate we have created a logo to accompany everything that they do this year. We have […]

Name Board for Beatrice

name illustration

A3 Illustration for a Beatrice, detailsed parts of the illustration are shown below. Beatrice is known as Bee to all her friends and family hence the imagery of bees.

Name Board for Tasha

A3 Illustration for a wonderful person called Natasha, Tasha to all who know and love her.   her.

Helen of Troy illustration

Troy illustration

The most beautiful woman in the world according to Greek myth, the result of the king of the gods Zeus and a brief liaison with Leda (she turned herself into a swan to avoid him – as you do). Her elopement and seeming kidnap caused the Trojan war and its destruction. A2 in size, hand […]