Vintners’ Annual Review

The City Livery company, The Vintners, active since 1363, has been a force in the land for over 650 years. We have compiled and printed their latest annual review, which outlines their activities, aims, objectives and daily round of existance. Undersized A4, 80pp, matt paper.  

A new redesign for the Wheelwrights

The City livery company, The Honourably Company of Wheelwrights has been in existance for centuries. Because of covid they have not felt the need for an annual review as frankly they haven’t really done that much – certainly not worth mentioning (except of course their not insignificant charitable giving). We recently undertook to redesign this […]

A redesign for the Fruiterers

The City livery company, The Honourably Company of Fruiterers has been in existance for centuries. We have been designing their quarterly newsletter for a fraction of that time but still a few years now. We recently undertook to redsign this with a new look, it is now redesigned to look more contemporary: cleaner, easier to […]

The European Medical Writers Association

  We have been designing the European Medical Writers Assocation’s house magazine, Medical Writing, since 2016. They are an exacting and precise crowd so when they say the following our hearts were warmed: “BTW, the issue looks absolutely beautiful. I think it may be the most visually attractive issue we have put out yet since […]

‘Repairing’ photos

Sometimes we receive an image which, for a whole variety of reasons is not as you would like. Perhaps its a bit dark, or too light, the subject has a large spot on the end of  their nose. etc … Occasionally it goes beyond that… the photo is plain not very good but – here […]

A new edition of Wool Producer

The Spring edition of Wool Producer is now finished. Wool has been one of the most important industries for this country since before Roman Times. In medieval times most of the City Livery Companies were cloth related with the Wool Men foremost amongst them. To this day the Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords […]

A new issue of Forage Matters

This year’s edition of Forage Matters We design Forage Matters once a year (and have done so since 2000). This is inserted free as an insert into each issue of the quarterly Sheep Breeder, Beef Farmer and Cattle Breeder – all are Shepherd Publishing titles. This year’s edition is 24 pages, full of information for […]

EMWA’s Spring edition just published

The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)’s Spring edition has the theme of Sustainable Communications. An important issue for an important industry. We have been designing this quarterly since 2016.

The latest edition of Musical Opinion celebrates Ukraine

The new edition of Musical Opinion, just published, celebrates all things Ukraine with a main story and cover picture of celebrated composer Sergei Prokofiev. Many think he was Russian but was actually born in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Most famous for his Romeo and Juliet ballet, music which all will know from TV’s The […]