A new edition of Wool Producer

The Spring edition of Wool Producer is now finished.

Wool has been one of the most important industries for this country since before Roman Times.

In medieval times most of the City Livery Companies were cloth related with the Wool Men foremost amongst them. To this day the Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords has a seat called ‘The Woolsack’. It was wool, its use, manufacture and export paid for the majority of England’s Cathedrals and more latterly its cheap and plentiful supply that made Britain’s clothing industry the envy of the world from Regency times onwards.

20 years ago Prince Charles initiated the Campaign for Wool to highlight what was becoming a neglected facet of modern farming. Today wool is again a major earner for farmers.

We have been designing Wool Producer since 2000 and it is usually mailed out as part of the popular (amongst farmers !) Sheep Breeder magazine.