A new redesign for the Wheelwrights

The City livery company, The Honourably Company of Wheelwrights has been in existance for centuries. Because of covid they have not felt the need for an annual review as frankly they haven’t really done that much – certainly not worth mentioning (except of course their not insignificant charitable giving).

We recently undertook to redesign this with a new look, it is now re-envisaged to look more contemporary: cleaner, easier to read with bigger pics fonts that are easier to read etc.

Below first is their original, then below that their new look. The review was published and mailed out the first week of this new year. We think you will agree a distinct improvement.

Please do take a look, taking the time to compare like with like.

As its an annual review (retrospective therefore) and post covid the dates may seem too far away but it was published the very beginning of 2023.


The old look

The new look