Celebrating 175 Years of Waterhead Church

A modern new church in Oldham’s Waterhead area, Lancashire, was a long held dream that finally started a few years before 1847. In that year the new church was consecrated. It has seen wars and different governments, the introduction of tv and internet and changed quite a bit itself – the famous spire being added a solid 30 years later. The pic here show the church as it was then in 1857 a mere youth at ten years old, at a time when photography was both very expensive and a hit and miss new-fangled innovation.

To celebrate this impressive church’s 175th birthday a new service of celebration, led by the Lord Bishop of Manchester was organised. To commorate and complement a small booklet complete with full order of service was commissioned.

We have been working with the Parish of Waterhead for ten years.

Waterhead church, in an early photograph, in 1857, ten years after it was consecrated.


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