It’s nice when people say thank you!

Human nature, being what it is, all too frequently you only hear when there is a problem or a complaint… something is not quite right or there is a problem (despite there being proofs aplenty along the way). So isn’t it both heartening and uplifting when someone not just says ‘thank you’ but says its a great job.

Such an event is the recent SOMM records’ CD for Schubert’s astonishing Winterreise (the Winter Song from 1827, sung by John Carol Case.

He says (we have permission to quote): The Winterreise CD has now been released, as you know, Apart from the remarkable improvement in the sound which Paul has achieved, the whole presentation of the CD is both striking and attractive, thanks to your design skills. Thank you for creating something so memorable.

The photo was sourced, lightened and air brushed to take away all blemishes from the old photo.